A business meeting or training can be quite intense. To achieve the ideal balance between effort and relaxation we facilitate an activity which is in line with your stay in the Wierschuur. Sailing on the Wadden Sea with the ‘Wierschip’.

Wierschip, zwarte Visserman aak met blauwe band in de haven van Den Oever

Wad, wind, water ... Wierschip

The well equipped Wiership with skipper, awaits you in Den Oever harbour. Within a gust of wind your mind is set free and your heart opened. The Wadden Sea with its predominantly tranquil waters is the ultimate location to switch from work to relaxation and become one with nature. Not just any nature, world heritage nature!

Sailing at the Waddenzee

The Wierschip with skipper can be rented for groups of up to ten people. It is also possible to rent the Wierschip, even if you are not staying in the Wierschuur. For larger groups we can get assistance form the Wieringen Nautical Heritage Foundation so that we can set sail with two ships.

Relax or roll up your sleeves and help the skipper 

We ensure an unforgettable trip. The picnic basket and fridge are filled with a healthy lunch or tasty snacks, in accordance with your wishes. During this activity you can relax and enjoy sailing and being outdoors with colleagues. It is also possible to help the skipper sail the Wiership, as a team building activity.

Historic ship

The Wierschuur was once built as a warehouse for storing seagrass around the former island of Wieringen. The seagrass was fished with a local fishing vessel known as a ‘Wieringer Aak’. These were wooden flat-bottomed ships with a blunt bow and a large cargo space in the back.

Visserman aak with a spacious cockpit

The Wiership is the modern variant of the historical Wieringer Aak, a so-called ‘Visserman Barge’, made of steel. A spacious cockpit with a comfortable seating area has now been created in the area where the seagrass once lay.