It was once our dream to be able to work with the repurposing of dilapidated heritage. Partly thanks to the help and enthusiasm of many, we have been able to make this dream come true, for which we sincerely thank you! Without this support, the Wierschuur would not have looked so wonderful. It’s impossible to thank everyone, however we would like to give a special thanks to …

Large steel framed artwork depicting hands facing upwards to the sky as if carrying or supporting something
Artwork, 'Carried by strong hands' by Geertje Tjalma, near the Wierschuur

Our parents

A huge thank you to our parents for their involvement and enthusiasm. Dozens of containers have been filled, the construction site was kept tidy and they helped to keep the morale high!

The construction team and Bonvie Contractors

Thank you for such unrelenting perseverance, perfectionism, attention to sustainability and dealing with tension and time pressure. Above all, thank you for the fantastic quality that has been delivered!

Conefrey/Koedam Graphic Design and Photography

Marco Koedam designed our corporate identity including the website development and all the photography used on the site. Marco, thank you for your patience with a computer illiterate like me and above all for the beautiful site that you have once again realized for us! Thank you Ann Conefrey for using your expertise to translate the website into English for us.

Restoration funds

We thank you for the trust you have given us. With your help we were able to purchase and restore the Wierschuur. When we ventured to expand the restauration during the Corona crisis, working on the adjoining Zuiderzeekeet (lodge) and stable, you continued to give us your support. This has been invaluable to us.

Wadden Fund and the Province of North Holland

Every day we experience how special it is that good plans are recognised and supported in the Netherlands. In this case without any form of lobbying on our part. Had it not been for the competition, organized by the Province of North Holland, the Wierschuur would still be in a dilapidated condition. Furthermore without the support of the Wadden Fond, the Wierschuur would not have had a front house, a mezzanine and such a magnificent view over the Wierdijk.

Historical Association Wieringen

The Historical Association Wieringen has consistently worked with us, providing information, photographs, books, etc. They have made a major contribution to the photography exhibition in the Wierschuur about seaweed fishing. We are deeply grateful for their historical knowledge and support.