Sustainability and corporate social responsibility

The core of the the Wierschuur’s sustainability lies in the repurposing of the old, completely dilapidated barn. Thanks to professional reconstruction and an appropriate new function, a unique provincial monument with a rich history has been preserved for the future.

View of the wooden structure in the mezzanine with the hanging lamps forming a satisfying symmetry
Restored dilapidated barn

Geothermal heating

During the renovation, all possible aspects of sustainability were taken into account. The Wierschuur is optimally insulated and gas-free and is heated and cooled by a geothermal heat pump. There are no less than a hundred solar panels on the roof of the barn and there are charging points for electric cars.

Sustainable hospitality

The meals we provide in the Wierschuur are vegetarian; (organic) meat can be served on request. We aim to waste as little as possible and we limit the use of disposable bottles.

Jug of water next to a collection of reusable water bottles (Doppers) with printed room names
Doppers (reusable water bottles) with the name of the rooms printed on the cup.